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FreeJigsawPuzzles.com RATED BY RSAC I, FAMILY

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JUST RELEASED new Loveable Cats Jigsaw Puzzles, click here
Puzzles of nature, animals, flowers, sea, cartoons, NASA and fractals.

For instructions see below. Puzzles added every For new weekly puzzles click here.
For help click here
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buy Loveable Cats Jigsaw Puzzle
Loveable Cats jigsaw puzzles.
Includes 50 art puzzles for $16.95

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21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Kelley Fractals 2 $11.99

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Country Scenery PC jigsaw puzzles Includes 50 puzzles and software for only $16.95.

loveable cats jigsaw puzzle
Loveable Cats
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
49 pieces
(old program)
81 pieces
25 pieces


fish cartoon jigsaw puzzle
Fish cartoon
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
49 pieces
(old program)
81 pieces
25 pieces


Country Scenery  jigsaw puzzle
Country Scenery
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
54 pieces
(old program)
96 pieces
24 pieces


Dark Hollow Falls jigsaw puzzle
Dark Hollow Falls
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
35 pieces
(old program)
63 pieces

fractal online jigsaw puzzle
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
63 pieces (old program)
108 pieces
25 pieces

west highland white terrier jigsaw puzzle
White Terrier
JIGSAW pieces

SQUARE pieces
42 pieces
(old program)
  80 pieces


Click on* one of the pictures above.
To solve the puzzle just click on* a piece and drag* the piece (with your computer mouse) to the correct place .

*Click on Using your mouse move the cursor on the computer screen to where you need to click. Then press your mouse button.  Click and drag*. Repeat above except keep your mouse button pressed while you move the cursor on your computer screen
Problems solving puzzles
Each puzzle has a border on at least two sides (left side and top). Begin by placing these two rows in the correct order. To complete the puzzles requires matching colors from picture to the pieces correct position. If two pieces are identical, move the two pieces to find the correct position. We recommend starting with the simple puzzles, the fractals very difficult.

Problems e-mail puzzles@FreeJigsawPuzzles.com







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